Kayapa is a creative studio dedicated to photography and videography projects. We tell your story by creating a faithful, honest and remarkable portrait of you and your practice. We focus on producing something meaningful that helps drive your story and celebrate your uniqueness.


Founded in Sydney in 2013, our philosophy is based on the concept of collaboration. It is something that comes very naturally to us, probably because we come tattooed from that culture. We often dream of all the possibilities that could arise from bringing together talented creatives from different disciplines, backgrounds and even location to do collaborative projects. Through these connections we see a way to transform 'needs' into 'unique visual experiences'. This is how Kayapa Creative Studio was born.

Check out here some of our favourite projects under our experience in the areas of design, curatorship, murals and illustration.

"We believe in collaboration. Hence our name Kayapa which by tradition of the venezuelan indigenous, is used to define the process in which the members of the community work together driven by a common need or purpose".

Kayapa_M-Lon_Gabby Villalba_Brookvale_Creative

Miguel (AKA M-Lon) is an artist and illustrator with background in architecture. After10 years of running his design studio in Caracas, he relocated to Sydney to work as an illustrator and muralist. He specialises in character design, 2D and 3D illustration and he is internationally celebrated for his large scale artworks and murals. Miguel has collaborated with a broad range of clients including TV shows, local councils, schools, creative agencies, art galleries and private clients.

Miguel Gonzalez

Co-founder of La Crème Creative Inc.

Co-founder of Brookvale Arts District

@MLon / www.m-lon.com.au

Gabby is a storyteller. It’s her thing. She is a photographer and unleashed videographer. Through documentary portrait Gabby draws a picture of artists and creators at the centre of the culture scene that defines our time. She sees stories that are waiting to be told and she brings them to life with her camera. Gabby's professional background is in graphic design with more than 10 years of experience as an art director in creative agencies in Caracas.​

Gabriela Villalba

Co-founder of La Crème Creative Inc.

Co-founder of Brookvale Arts District