content creation.

"we document from the heart."

Videos and Photography

You are unique. Your work is unique. Let us help you tell your story. At Kayapa, we have an artistic team behind the camera. Our focus on integrity means that you can rely on an honest and remarkable portrait of your business. We make sure you look as extraordinary as you are.


At Kayapa, we have access to creative copywriters who can help you with your written content either by editing your text to maximise your impact or by working with you to produce new content.

+ Tell your story and engage with your audience. 

+ Drive engagement of your staff and customers through connection

+ Strengthen your brand image

+ Promote your business, art, creative process, cause

+ Increase awareness 

+ Inspire others

+ Humanise your product - consumers love to know the personal story behind the products they buy.

+ Create a record of your work and processes over time

+ Share the personality behind your product


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"In our fast-paced social media laden world, it is hard to have people stop and think, take in a work of art, a product or a service, observe, explore and feel. Kayapa’s videos and photography manage to do just that: capture people’s attention with powerful and aesthetic imagery, pairing sounds and visuals that evoke an emotional response from viewers. Each video clip or still is perfectly framed, masterfully crafted, with enormous attention to detail. Every little promo video becomes a work of art in itself.

Gabby makes you feel relaxed with her non-intrusive filming, therefore often capturing footage that feels natural and unposed. Her short videos have proven to be some of my most loved and shared social media post and have contributed to a high engagement rate with my audience. I love working with Kayapa and am looking forward to many more collaborations".


Kathrin Longhurst. June 2018