We are very honoured and so proud to have supported artist and curator Jaimee Paul through her journey for the "Ninety Five Percent" movement and art exhibitions to bring awareness to changes occurring within the Ocean.

Jaimee asked us for support in the follow-up of her first and second exhibition, so we had the opportunity to film the process of some invited artists and capture their magic in photos and videos for the online launch.

Project Included: Promotional videos + Photographic support + Project Management Support (for Ninety Five Percent / Round Two)

Ninety Five Percent

"Kayapa Creative Studio have been instrumental in my career since the day I meant them in 2013. Friendship, support, photographing and documenting my process and working together on projects and without them my NinetyFive Percent charity exhibition for oceans wouldn't have happened, looked as good or been as organised.  

All for the community and an asset to the Northern Beaches. "

Jaimee Paul