Jaimee and Megan asked us to follow their creative process in a busy day in their studio while they worked for their duo show 'Inside Bloom'. We also joined them at the Opening night creating a complete portfolio of images to support their online presence and records. 

Project: Photography

Jaimee Paul

Meg Winkley

J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 18.jpg
J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 9.jpg
J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 136.jpg
J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 55.jpg
J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 48.jpg
J&M_InsideBloom_byKayapa - 145.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Vintage - 49.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Vintage - 15.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Vintage - 43.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 103.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 116.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 99.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 84.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 50.jpg
Jaimee+Meg_Opening - 121.jpg