art & design projects.

Add inspiration to your space! We have an experienced artist crew to create a unique mural or do live painting for your events. We can create concept, art, production and even a remarkable video and photos to promote your project in social networks.

+ Consulting and development of art and design projects for commercial, residential and public spaces.

+ Drive awareness depending on your community needs.
+ Transform your space to make it contemporary, drive sense of belonging and engagement amongst the staff and customers.

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"A touch of underground elegance.

I´ve had the pleasure to work with Kayapa a couple of times and I only hope you get the chance to do so too.

Miguel helped us land and develop 2 amazing natural art projects where we were able to mix recycled timber woodwork , engineering and underground street art.

Gabby produced spot on “making of” vids and photography of the process that we later used to promote the Project.

Great humans, great vibes, great artists and great pros."

Iñigo Calleja. Founder of Growready (Australia & Spain)