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Kayapa is a creative studio devoted to art and design partnerships. Founded in Sydney in 2013, our philosophy is based on the concept of collaboration. 

We work with our talented clients to enhance their brand and their work-life experience, whether that is by pimping their work space with murals or boosting their online presence.

We offer unique creative partnerships in all areas of art and design, animation,

illustration, photography and video.

We strive to leverage unique talents, bringing them together to create something meaningful.

"we believe in art as a way to make this, a better world."



what we do.

+Concept, Art & Collaboration

murals, art commissioning & live painting

photography, videos, copywriting

animation, graphic design,

2D and 3D illustration

“Kayapa” meaning “all together” in Spanish from Venezuela, is exactly what this team is about. Their dedication and commitment to the job ahead is impeccable. Dealing with projects with a smile on their face and a positive attitude all time, Kayapa is about integrating your needs with their creative process. The end result is always above expected!" 

Marisabel Gonzalez. Visual Artist.


kayapa is the flow between people and art. 

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